What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

Neuro or neurological Physiotherapy concerns any conditions or symptoms which affect the nervous system- the brain, the spine and the peripheral nerves. Examples are stroke, multiple sclerosis and  Parkinsons.

Why is Neuro Physiotherapy important?
People with neuro or neurological conditions often have difficulty with movement (i.e. getting out of a chair, getting out of bed, standing and walking) and completing daily tasks including work and hobbies. This can mean changes to fitness and the ability to be independent with their life.

A neuro Physiotherapist is someone who has experience in working with people with these conditions and who has completed specialised training and courses in neurology. A neuro Physiotherapist can help you to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and movement. They can also help to decrease or manage pain and spasms, assist with breathing and reduce the risk of chest infections and assist you to manage fatigue/energy. Overall you can improve your general wellbeing, increase confidence and enjoy your life more.

Who would benefit from Neuro Physiotherapy?
Neuro Physiotherapy can be helpful at different stages, whether you are newly diagnosed with a condition or you have been managing a condition for some time. For some conditions (examples include Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis) guidelines specifically recommend early specialist Physiotherapy input.

If you are having any difficulty in moving or in carrying out your normal day to day activities then Lin may be able to help. Neuro Physiotherapy may help you gain more movement or it may be to maintain your current level. For some people neuro Physiotherapy may be important to manage worsening symptoms.

Lin will work with you to establish what it is you would like to achieve and then together you will work towards these goals. All goals are important no matter how small they may seem to others.

What is involved?
An initial assessment will be carried out to find out your specific needs. Lin will then work with you towards your goals. Treatment may include different approaches such as exercise, acupuncture, stretches, practice of tasks, education and advice.
It may be appropriate for your family or carers to be involved in some sessions, perhaps to teach them how best to assist you or how to look after their own backs if they help your to move.

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