What is Older People’s Physiotherapy?

People who are over the age of 65 years may have more than one health condition or problem. There are also specific health conditions which affect mainly older people. For this reason Older People’s Physiotherapy (also known as Elderly Care) is a speciality area of Physiotherapy.

An older person’s Physiotherapist is someone is has specific experience and training in working with older people and the conditions that affect them- for example Parkinson’s, arthritis, dementia, falls.

Why is Older People’s Physiotherapy important?
How people age varies considerably from one person to the next and is dependent on many different factors. There are some factors of ageing which are a part of the natural ageing process and we can do nothing to stop this (although science is looking for a way!). However there are also many factors which affect how we age and these we can do something about. For example improving and maintaining muscle strength and balance to allow you to keep carrying out your usual daily tasks.

Following a fall or if you are worried about falling it is especially important to regain your confidence, balance and mobility. It is well documented that a fall is likely to decrease confidence. This often means you don’t do as much or avoid activities and can get weaker. Working with Lin you can regain confidence, strength and balance and maintain your usual lifestyle and activities.

Who would benefit from Older People’s Physiotherapy?
If you are having difficulty with carrying out your day to day tasks, if you have had a fall or a recent hospital stay or if you have lost your confidence you are likely to benefit from Physiotherapy.

Lin will work with you to discuss and set your own goals. These may be anything from improving your balance whilst on the golf course to making it easier for you to turn over in bed. All goals are important no matter how small they may seem to others.

What is involved?
An initial assessment will be carried out to find out your specific needs. Lin will then work with you towards your goals. Treatment may include different approaches such as exercise, acupuncture, stretches, practice of tasks, education and advice.
It may be appropriate for your family or carers to be involved in some sessions, perhaps to teach them how best to assist you or how to look after their own backs if they help your to move.

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