COVID-19 policy Updated 11/09/20

In person classes and appointments/sessions

There are some changes in place to keep you, others and the teacher/therapist as safe as possible. By attending a class or session you are agreeing to the policies and procedures stated below. You are also required to complete a COVID-19 screening form either on booking or  by following the link in  your booking email. This form must be completed prior to attending every class/appointment. If you would like more information or have any questions regarding infection control or Lin’s risk assessment for COVID-19 please contact or 07841 763604 to discuss prior to attending your class or session.

Classes must be pre-booked as spaces are limited to maintain social distancing and safety measures. 

Please maintain social distancing of 2m on arrival, exit and any movement within the building before, during or after your class or session.

Where possible a one way system will be in place for entering and exiting buildings and  for the use of toilets.

Please use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the room or building.

No equipment will be loaned during classes. Please bring your own mat and warm clothing or a blanket. Yoga mats are widely available to buy or you can purchase a cleaned second hand mat from Lin for £10.

For classes mat placement will be marked on the floor. As you enter the room please fill up the spaces furthest space from the door first.

Please remain on your mat as much as is appropriate and possible during your class.

Please bring minimal other belongings in to class or your session. Please keep your belongings with you or as close to your mat space as possible.

Lin is required to increase the ventilation in the room and so windows/doors will be open as is possible.

If you are required to cancel due to Covid related issues or symptoms, please give as much notice as possible. In this instance the usual 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply.

Face coverings: When attending classes please wear a face covering on entering/exiting the hall and until you have positioned your mat and you are on your mat. As a strict 2m distancing is maintained throughout classes you will not be asked to wear a mask during a Yoga class (although you are welcome to wear a mask if you wish to do so). If Lin Leong cannot maintain 2m distancing within your private session she will be wearing suitable PPE (mask, apron and gloves). If 2m social distancing cannot be maintained during your session you may also be asked to wear a mask.

I (Lin Leong) confirm that should I have a fever, persistent cough or loss of sense of taste/smell I will cancel classes/sessions. I confirm that I will not work in-person if I have been informed of the requirement to isolate or if I have travelled to a place with the requirement to quarantine. I also confirm that I will not work in person if I have been on contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19.

No hands on adjustments will be made during Yoga classes.