Workshop series- (An intro to) The Sun Salutations


In this Yoga CPD for Physio’s and AHP’s we explore the Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar. Find out why they are such well loved and foundational flow practices in Yoga and how to integrate them into your clinical practice. We discuss and practice variations in standing, sitting and lying and learn that they are adaptable to suit every body and ability. We also discuss how to make yoga accessible and how to adapt yoga (and it is more than just changing the shape/physical posture!)

This is a recording from a live workshop online. Due to consent and GDPR some parts of the workshop have been edited out. I have added in the questions asked in a slide. There remains some moments of discontinuity but this doesn’t affect the learning and content.

The workshop is aimed at Physiotherapists working in neurology and similar areas. It is also appropriate for occupational therapists and other AHP’s. For most people it is advisable to first complete the Intro to Yoga- foundations course.