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CPD COURSE- New dates confirmed!

Introduction to Yoga for Neuro Physiotherapists.

Come and join us to find out why Yoga works so well in Neuro rehab and how your patients/clients can benefit. Integrating Yoga with clinical therapies such as Physio & Occupational Therapy is a new and developing area. This one day course will give you an introduction to Yoga and how you can use it within your clinical practice. The course is primarily aimed at Physiotherapists working within neurology. If you are interested in this course and you are working in another allied profession then please get in touch to chat.

Contact me for more information or see below for booking contact details.

Course dates and locations:

14th March, Leeds Becket University with Yorkshire ACPIN. FULLY BOOKED Booking here

28th March, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery with London ACPIN. FULLY BOOKED

29th March, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery with London ACPIN.Booking here

An example of learning outcomes;

  • To have an understanding of the core principles of Yoga and the benefits of including them in Neuro rehab.
  • To gain the knowledge and skills to implement the use of Yoga principles into current clinical practice
  • To have a repertoire of Yoga postures suitable for any patient and also for self practice. To include an understanding of the core elements of the posture and how to adapt the posture for different abilities.
  • To develop knowledge and skills to analyse a yoga posture and make adaptations to ensure a safe and effective practice.
  • To be introduced to yoga practices suitable to assist in fatigue, stress and pain management and general mental wellbeing.

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