The practice of Yoga is one of listening and one of exploration. It is being able to develop what is right for your body, your energy, your emotions. What is right for you. Lin believes that the ancient and traditional practices of Yoga need to be brought into our modern Western society with mindfulness and wisdom.

In classes and individual sessions teaching will be adapted to suit your needs and will meet you at the place where you’re at. From there you will develop a grounded, deep, fun practice. In all of Lin’s teaching there is a strong awareness of biomechanics and alignment to ensure safety and foundation of practice. You will develop flexibility, strength, stability and feelings of relaxation, joy and wellbeing. This will assist in improved wellbeing, health and a greater understanding of who you are and how you move through the world.

Classes and individual sessions will always include asana (postures), meditation and breath work to explore the energetic flow which is body-mind and to create the space to nurture a deeper sense of understanding of who we are. You will be encouraged and supported to develop your own regular practice, even if this is just a few minutes a day.

Lin is a registered Yoga teacher with the Independent Yoga Network